Weekly Manager Report – 6/21/15

Hello everyone,

We had a great time at the annual Ice Cream Social this week. Thank you to everyone that came down to celebrate and enjoy a sundae or root beer float.

Upcoming Events:

  • Tuesday June 23rd Ladies Card Night on Adult Deck @ 6:30 pm
  • Wednesday June 24th 1st Movie Night
  • Sailing:
    • Monday Sailing Series
    • Laser Rigging Tuesday Class 6-8 pm
    • LBC Trophy Race Wednesday
    • Laser Check out Class 6-8pm Thursday
    • Sailing 8 – 10:30 am Saturday

Membership Tip of the Week:  Please clean the gas grills after using.  Leave them as you’d want to find them.

Please remember to sign in when you arrive and sign in your guests.  Remember, we are tracking data this summer to help assess how the club is being used and where we need to invest.  This data is very important.

A big thank you to the family that anonymously donated our brand new Ping Pong and Foosball tables.  We also had a generous donation of a freezer which is great for our growing ice cream lovers.

Tuesdays Ladies Cards Night on the Adult Deck:  Tuesday night is ladies night at LBC.  Come see old friends and meet new ones over a friendly game of Spades, Hearts or whatever game you can teach a group.  Bring beverages for yourself and a snack to share.  Every Tuesday night this summer at 6:30 pm.

We will have four babysitters to keep an eye on children.  Abby and Anna Larson are well known neighborhood babysitters and they are training Junior High students Brooke Gill and Taylor Baily to fill their shoes.  For $5 per child, they will make sure the kiddos are safe and sound while cards are played on the Adult Deck.

Contact Amanda McAllister with questions at: AmandaM@microsoft.com

Duck Walk is closed for safety reasons:  We are exploring options to secure it and until we reach something that ensures the safety of our membership, we’ll post closed signs.

Algae:  It is a tough year for algae.  We are doing what we can to manage by keeping it off the beach.  There is little we can do given the hot summer and water conditions to keep it out of the beach club area.

Two Items from last weeks newsletter as we’re updating our email lists:

Junior Fleet:  We are bringing back an old tradition of having a Juniors Swimming program.   The Junior Fleet is for kids ages 9-17 where they set swimming goals for the summer, track their laps, and swim with friends.

​Members Dylan Ware, Emory Bozzuti, and Kaitlyn Schnitzius are enjoying the Junior Fleet Party held last Thursday to kick-off the swim season!  They say the fun part about the Junior Fleet is making new friends and swimming together!

It’s been a great first week of the LBC Junior Fleet and we have some great results out of the gate for the season.  Here are our top Junior Lappers:

Swimmer Laps
Allie Adams 20
Dylan Ware 13
Kaitlyn Schnitzius 12
Ben Schnitzius 12
Emory Bozzuti 4
Rosa Eslamy 2

Way to go Allie who is almost half way to the goal the first week!! There are many more on the board so be sure to stop by the Guard Shack and fill out a lap tracker and one of the guards will put your laps up for the day.  The Junior Fleet wrist bands just arrived!  Delivered Saturday to the Guard Shack.

Juniors will have until July 31st to track laps followed by the awards party on August 6th!

Contact Lisa with questions at: lisa.schnitzius@comcast.net

New Morning Hours:  Reminder that we’ve extended the hours of the Beach Club to adult members for swimming, kayak and paddle board use.

6:15 am Monday through Friday for adult swim, stand up paddle board, and kayak use.  This is for our 18+ members only.  A lifeguard will be on duty.  Children are not allowed in the club until standard opening time.