Weekly Manager Report – 7/28/13

Greetings!  Looks like more good weather ahead.  This is one of the finest Seattle summers I can recall.  When I was 8 I had a shirt that said “I enjoy the Seattle summer.  It’s the best 20 minutes of the year.”  Looks like I won’t be busting that one out this year.

We do have a lot going on this week, so make sure to check week at a glance for club hours and activities.


The LBC frozen treats freezer is on its last legs.  Before we purchased a new freezer, I thought I would throw it out to the membership.  If anyone knows of a large, commercial freezer that is looking for a new home, please email me! I’ll even offer free haul away and I may even throw in an otter pop.

Adult Party

Remember that the adult party is this Friday at 6pm.  Gourmet hamburgers, chicken burgers, and veggie burgers will be on the menu as well as some other snacks. $10 at the gate.  21 and older. Up to two guests per person.  Arrive early to enjoy the band until 10pm.

Fattie Fleet Swim

This week saw 11 courageous women brave the treacherous Lake Washington waters.  A note from one of the swimmers:

“A record breaking 11 dedicated and motivated “Fleeters” took the plunge on July 23rd for a half mile swim to Jean Amick’s!  It was one of our most glorious summer days! Many thanks to the lifeguards who took our gear to the finish, and careful watching over us!  We also had three lifeguards who kayaked or paddle boarded alongside!  We could not have done it without you! The weather could NOT have been better, the welcome at the finish dock was fabulous!  Those participating logged 30 laps!  That, and the Hershey’s Kisses at the finish line were SWEET!”




Have a great week!

Sam Procopio, LBC Manager

Week at a glance:

Monday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailing Series 7pm
Tuesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Last day for Fattie Fleet 100 laps.  Start swimming!
Wednesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Kids Movie Night 6:45pm, Brave
Thursday: Hours 11:00-9:30.  Club opens at 11:00am due to staff lifeguard safety orientation.
Friday: Hours 9:30-5pm.  Club closes to the membership at 5pm for adult party setup. Adult party starts at 6:00pm, band to stop at 10:00pm.
Saturday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Sunday: Hours 9:30-9:30.

Rule Reminder of the Week:

Guest Check-In

Thank you so much for your patience at the front gate, who are doing their best to keep the lines moving and the members happy.  Please remember that guests may ONLY enter in the presence of a member.  Often times a guest will check in alone, and say something along the lines of “I am meeting John Smith down here.”  Well that puts our staff in a tough spot, because although they likely trust that person, we simply cannot allow or encourage this before, even if it has been commonplace in the past.  If members and guests continue to pressure the front desk into allowing this, what’s to stop anyone from entering the club at anytime?

So please help spread the word to other members, your children, and your guests that guests should arrive with their members, or at the very least, the member should check the guest in when they arrive–although this is not ideal for my staff, who would then have a lot of members and guests to keep track of if this becomes the norm.

Weekly Weather Report:

weather 7:28:13


Lake Temperature:

The current water temperature of Lake Washington 66˚