Weekly Manager Report – 7/14/13

This week we have a bunch of fun things going on at the club, so check them out below!  Once again, great weather so come on down.

Six Strawberries ~ Artisan Ice Pops

The LBC is proud to offer Six Strawberries handcrafted popsicles for 3 punches.  There are 6 amazing flavors all made with local ingredients.  For example, the fudge bars, which are insanely delicious, are made with Theo Chocolate.  The Coffee flavor is tasty and comes with a little caffeine boost!  Blueberry Lemonade is yummy as well.  All are gluten and dairy free.  To learn more, click here.

six strawberries

Kid Sleepover Forms at Front desk

The kids sleepover is Friday July 19th starting at 4pm.  Kids can come down and start setting up their tents after that time.  There will be $2 hotdogs around dinner time, but kids are encouraged to bring snacks to get them through the night.  This year’s theme is Survivor.  Parents are to pick their kids up between 6a-7a on Saturday morning.  Hot chocolate will be served in the morning.  To sign up, go to the front desk to get a permission slip that needs to be filled out for each child and return it to the desk worker.

Front gate slow down

You may have noticed the front gate sign in procedures have slowed down a bit.  That is because this summer we have converted to an all computer-based check in system.  This will allow us to better track club usage to improve the experience for membersin the long term.  Our front desk workers in particular thank you for your patience as the process does take a little longer.


Come down and enjoy the club.


Sam Procopio, LBC Manager

Week at a glance:

Monday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailing Series 7pm
Tuesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Wednesday: Hours 11:00-9:30.  Staff safety in-service 8am-11am. Kids Movie Night 6:45pm, Rise of the Guardians
Thursday: Hours 9:30-9:30
Friday: Hours 9:30-4pm. Kids Sleepover setup starts at 4pm.
Saturday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Kids sleepover parent pickup between 6am-7am.
Sunday: Hours 9:30-9:30.

Rule Reminder of the Week:

Bathroom Vandalism

From now on we will be policing the bathrooms a little bit more strictly.  If your child is seen in an adult only area or contributing to the degradation of the facility, they will be held accountable, potentially suspended from using the club and fined for damaged.  Please educate your children and guests on proper bathroom usage.  Please encourage them to help report inappropriate behavior or they may be held accountable if they are caught with broken equipment.  In all cases, a call to parents will be made by a manager on duty.

Weekly Weather Report:

weather 7:14:13

Lake Temperature:

The current water temperature of Lake Washington 69˚