Weekly Manager Report – 6/30/2013

fireworksBefore reading this post, scroll down and please look at the weekly weather forecast.  After you are done wiping the tears of joy from your eyes, please remember that Thursday is the 4th of July and you might even have a few days off this week!  Come down to the LBC to celebrate.  This is why you signed up for a membership in the first place! On Thursday we will have face paint for the children, hotdog BBQ until we run out, and the place will be decorated in patriotic colors.  So bring your American flags and red, white and blue swimsuits and come on down.  The club will be open until 11pm so that members can enjoy the near 80˚ weather into the night as all the neighboring town fireworks can be seen in the distance.

Note: Please DO NOT bring any fireworks of you own into the club or use in the cul de sac.

For you viewing pleasure, here is a funny clip of the San Diego Fireworks from 2012 that were a complete failure–a 20 minute show that was programmed accidentally for 20 seconds.

Bye for now,
Sam Procopio, LBC Manager

Week at a glance:

Monday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailing Series 7pm
Tuesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Wednesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Kids Movie Night 6:45pm, Madagascar 3
Thursday: Hours 9:30-11:oopm. 4th of July festivities.  Log roll contest.  Facepaint.  Hot dogs.  Sparklers and more.
Friday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Saturday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Sunday: Hours 9:30-9:30.

Two Rule Reminders of the Week:

–Guest policy (as seen on the LBC rules page from this site):

1) Guests are only allowed if they enter with a current member in good standing. After signing in at the gate house, all guests must be accompanied by their host member for the entire time they are at the club. Special arrangements may be made for unaccompanied, out-of-town house guests. Contact the Business Manager 729-3724.

2) The maximum number of accompanied guests per household membership allowed per visit is 10. A household may consist of one adult.

2.a) A junior member present at the LBC is allowed to accompany a maximum of 2 guests during each visit.

2.b) An Adult member present at the LBC must accompany the household membership maximum of up to 10 guests during their visit.

2.c) Requests to accompany greater than 10 Guests per household membership requires permission by the LBC Manager at least 24 hours in advance.

–Picnic tables (as seen on the LBC rules page from this site):

One (1) Picnic table can be reserved by each member household at the LBC front desk two weeks in advance of the date requested. Reserved tables are held as a courtesy for fifteen minutes past the time indicated on the table sign-up sheet; after which other members may utilize the table by making revised reservation arrangements with the front desk staff. If picnic tables are unused members can use additional tables beyond their single reserved table.

Weekly Weather Report:

weather 6:30

Lake Temperature:

The current water temperature of Lake Washington 70˚