Weekly Manager Report – 6/23/13

Thanks to all the families and children who attended the ice cream social last Wednesday.  To those fortunate enough to attend the impromptu ice cream social on Saturday afternoon, congratulations!  This week, I would like to take a minute to talk about two activities that the club offers, one as timeless as the lake itself and one as new as our pristine bathrooms.

1) Sailing:

The LBC is proud to offer sailing camps for kids.  There is an all day camp for 11-14 year olds from 9a-4p.  There are half day camps for 8-10 year olds, that run from 9a-12p or 1p-4p.  Tell your friends and get a group of kids together and sign them up for one of the empty spots.  For more information, email LBCsailing@gmail.com.

Camp spots sill available:

July 1-5: 11-14 year olds, 9a-4p, 5 spots left
July 1-5: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 10 spots left
July 1-5: 8-10 year olds, 1p-4p, 8 spots left
July 8-12: 11-14 year olds, 9a-4p, 7 spots left
July 8-12: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 9 spots left
July 8-12: 8-10 year olds, 1p-4p, 1 spot left
July 15-19: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 8 spots left
July 15-19: 8-10 year olds, 1p-4p, 2 spots left
July 22-25: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 4 spots left
July 22-25: 8-10 year olds, 1p-4p, 7 spots left
July 29-Aug 8: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 5 spots left
July 29-Aug 8: 8-10 year olds, 1p-4p, 3 spots left
Aug 5-9: 11-14 year olds, 9a-4p, 3 spots left
Aug 5-9: 8-10 year olds, 9a-12p, 8 spots left


2) Rainy Day activities:

As you can see, the weather report for this week looks a little grey.  In 2013 we are experimenting with Rainy Day Activities!  Starting this week, I will send out an email letting the membership know if a particular rainy day activity will be happening, what time it will be happening, and what ages would be most appropriate attending.  This week, if it is raining outside on a particular day we will light up the fireplace and host a board game day.  The day of the week is to be determined by the weather, so check your emails for an update.  The earliest we will start this week will be Tuesday.

board games

Sam Procopio, LBC Manager

Week at a glance:

Monday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailing Series 7pm
Tuesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailor Orientation and Checkout 6-7:30pm
Wednesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Kids Movie Night 6:45pm, Aladdin
Thursday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailor Orientation and Checkout 6-7:30pm
Friday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Saturday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Sunday: Hours 9:30-9:30.

Rule Reminder of the Week:

This week you will see signs popping up in our new bathrooms encouraging members and guests to help keep our bathrooms beautiful and to help conserve water.  So please do you part.  Please use the outside foot showers and doorway full showers to rinse off all sand before entering.  In addition, please help conserve water by remembering to press the off button when you are done using the showers.  You may have to help the little ones learn these rules early on.  In addition, please help police this area by encouraging other members and guests who might need a friendly reminder.

Examples of water conservation sign:




Examples of sand removal sign:



Weekly Weather Report:

weather 6:23