Weekly Manager Report – 6/16/13

Thanks to all of you who helped at the work party.  It always amazes me how quickly that place gets put in order and how many hands it takes.  Seeing members pull weeds from cracks in concrete, fish rocks from the swimming beach, and fix broken benches really makes me happy to manage a facility with such great members.

The bathrooms certainly stole the show.  Despite still needing a few finishing touches, the general consensus how greatly the remodel has improved the club.  In addition, the new basketball hoop saw its first basket made of the season.  With water temperatures rising expect to see some more activity in what was a generally an unused part of the club.

basketball hoop

Ice Cream Social: Don’t miss out on the annual ice cream social, rain or shine, this Wednesday night at 7pm.

Sailing lessons: There is still room to sign up for our youth sailing camps.  Email lbcsailing@gmail.com

Swim lessons: Swim lessons will be back for 2013!  Please direct inquiries to lbcswimlessons@gmail.com

Sam Procopio, LBC Manager

Week at a glance:

Monday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailing Series 7pm.
Tuesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailor Orientation and Checkout 6-7:30pm
Wednesday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Fattie Fleet Coffee 11am.  Ice Cream Social 7pm.  BC Trophy Race 7pm.
Thursday: Hours 9:30-9:30.  Sailor Orientation and Checkout 6-7:30pm
Friday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Saturday: Hours 9:30-9:30.
Sunday: Hours 9:30-9:30.

Rule Reminder of the Week:

Members, remember that all motor boats are to be tied up on the north dock and boat drivers are to proceed to the front gate to check in, fill out a form, and receive an orange tag to display for the staff to see.


Weekly Weather Report:

weather 6:16

Lake Temperature:

The current temperate of Lake Washington is 60˚