Boat Tie Up

Due to concerns for dock safety, appropriate staffing, and member enjoyment of our facilities the LBC Board has issued rules governing use of docks for temporary boat visits where boats tie to docks. Please ensure that when enjoying your boat or the boats of guests that the rules below are followed. Remember, your safety and the safety of others should always be your first concern.

  1. Boaters must obtain a temporary orange tie up tag from the front gate. (SEE BELOW)
  2. Tag must be posted in clear view.
  3. Guest arriving by boat must be greeted on the north pier by their host member then taken to the front gate to be signed in.
  4. No fueling will be allowed on the LBC docks.
  5. Tie up is at your own risk.
  6. Keep all boats clear of swimming areas.
  7. Loud, inappropriate or distracting boat activity will not be permitted.
  8. Dock may be closed by Manager or guard staff.
  9. Tie upĀ is temporary, and limited to no more than two (2) hours for boats owned by members and fifteen (15) minutes for boats owned by guests.
  10. Tie ups are for boats of thirty feet (30′) or less in length.
  11. No PWC (jet ski) access.

Kayaks and paddle boards should enter from the sailing basin.