Laurelhurst Beach Club Rules

Safety is LBC’s number one priority. It is important to keep in mind that we are a lake facility which means dark water, docks and boating activity. These rules are designed to help us operate from the safest position as possible. We ask your cooperation in making sure that children you bring to the club understand the rules and the necessity of following instructions from the lifeguards. We hope that in reading through the rules, you will agree that they help the club run in the safest manner possible.


1. Public Advertisement of events hosted at the LBC through flyers, banners, auction books, and especially web, or internet postings are not permitted unless generated or sanctioned in advance by LBC leadership.

2. Members must sign in and give their names to the gate person before entering the club.

3. Running is not permitted. This is especially important on the docks.

4. The upper deck is for adults only (18 years and older).

5. Only non-alcoholic beverages are permitted at the club.

6. Laurelcrest Lane, on both sides of the parking area is not to be used for parking. Not only is this inconsiderate to our Laurelcrest Lane neighbors, but it is a safety hazard should an emergency vehicle be called to the lane. Parking on the lane could result in a ticket or a tow.

7. Each member and guest is responsible for his/her own property. LBC has no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged property.

8. There is no smoking at the club.

9. All listening and viewing devices (I-pods, CDs, radio, television) are permitted only with the use of headphones.

10. Children under the age of TEN (10) must be accompanied by an adult or a responsible babysitter who is actively supervising them. Ten year olds must have successfully completed swimming THREE laps to be left at LBC unaccompanied.

11. Phone use is available at the courtesy phone located under the stairs in the fireplace area.

12. A supply of sand toys is available for use on the beach. When finished playing with the sand toys, please return them to the baskets under the guard chair.

13. One (1) Picnic table can be reserved by each member household at the LBC front desk two weeks in advance of the date requested. Reserved tables are held as a courtesy for fifteen minutes past the time indicated on the table sign-up sheet; after which other members may utilize the table by making revised reservation arrangements with the front desk staff. If picnic tables are unused members can use additional tables beyond their single reserved table.

14. Only guards should be in guard chairs. Only staff is permitted in gate office, guard shack and storage areas.

15. Pets are not allowed inside the club.

16. No weapons, firearms (including toys), or firecrackers are permitted.

17. There is no Jet Ski use from the club.

18. Games involving thrown objects are not permitted.



1. Personal flotation devices are not permitted. The reason for this is two fold. Flotation devices block the view for the lifeguards of children who may be behind the flotation device and thus out of sight. Secondly, flotation devices can give a false sense of security to children and the adult who is watching.

2. Diving is only permitted from the diving boards and diving tower.

3. All persons using the diving boards and/or tower are required to dive or jump straight off and swim directly back to the ladders.

4. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving boards, slide or ladders leading up to them.

5. Tower: Only four (4) people are permitted on the top of the tower at one time. Those who climb the tower are expected to go off top. Don’t climb up until you are really ready to go off. If you climb back down, you will be “beached” for the rest of the day.

  • Make certain that the water below is clear before going off.
  • One person off the tower at a time.
  • To go off top children must have accomplished seven laps or be 12 years old.

6. All swimmers must stay in designated area unless accompanied by an adult. Since safety is our first consideration, we ask your cooperation and understanding regarding swim tests. Each year there are very young children who want to swim one lap to pass their ones’ test. Dog paddling is not an adequate enough standard to permit them beyond the first rope on their own. Additionally, any lifeguard may ask a child to re-swim any test if they question the child’s swimming ability and competence.
Beach Area (inside the first rope): is restricted to non-swimmers or those who have not yet passed a swimming test.

Second Area (between the first and second ropes): is for persons who have swum one lap (no dog paddling) witnessed and approved by a lifeguard, and have received a signed certificate.

Third Area (from the second rope to the dock end, plus the diving area): is for persons who have completed a three-lap test (no dog paddling), witnessed and approved by a lifeguard, and have received a signed certificate.

7. A long blast on a whistle by a lifeguard means “emergency.” When a whistle blows long, all persons are required to evacuate the swimming and diving areas and go directly to the beach or lawn.



1) Guests are only allowed if they enter with a current member in good standing. After signing in at the gate house, all guests must be accompanied by their host member for the entire time they are at the club. Special arrangements may be made for unaccompanied, out-of-town house guests. Contact the Business Manager 729-3724.

2) The maximum number of accompanied guests per household membership allowed per visit is 10. A household may consist of one adult.

2.a) A junior member present at the LBC is allowed to accompany a maximum of 2 guests during each visit.

2.b) An Adult member present at the LBC must accompany the household membership maximum of up to 10 guests during their visit.

2.c) Requests to accompany greater than 10 Guests per household membership requires permission by the LBC Manager at least 24 hours in advance.

3) Organized Gatherings of over 20 (Members Only and/or Members + Guests) must be approved by the club manager at least one week in advance in order to maintain the comfort and safety of the overall LBC membership. If space is available or deemed appropriate, the southern- most picnic tables must be used. This includes Family Gatherings exceeding 20 persons.

4) All large gatherings associated with; sports teams, church groups, daycare classes, or school classes/events are Not Allowed unless they conform to guest rules number 1 and 2 above. We suggest one of the public beach facilities or Magnuson Park to accommodate these types of events.

5) Sons and daughters of members who have established homes outside the boundary area are recognized as guests and must be accompanied by their host member.

6) Member’s are responsible for their guest’s conduct.

7) Guest children under age 12 must pass the club approved swim test to swim.

8) Non-members who live within the boundaries of the club are permitted a total of one summer visit and must check in at the front gate.


If any of the above rules are broken, the first step taken by on-duty staff will be to inform the person of the rules, the reason for the rule, and how best to comply. A board member may also contact the person to inform him /her of the rule. If repeated violations occur, the person and their family may be asked to leave the club for a time period consistent with the seriousness of the infraction. If a violation continues to occur, the club membership may be revoked for a up to a year. In the case of a minor, the parents of children who are having continuing difficulties observing rules will be notified and requested to intervene but the same consequences will apply.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the rules and explaining them to children and guests you bring to the club.

LBC Board of Trustees