Code of Respect

The Laurelhurst Beach Club was incorporated in 1923 for the purpose of creating a beach club for the residents of Laurelhurst.  In the spirit of or our shared “neighborhood back yard” the LBC Board of Directors  have agreed to a code of behavior for all members and their guests, in the following four ways to include:

  • Respect for the LBC Staff.

  • Respect for your neighbors and their guests.

  • Respect for the LBC name and facility.

  • Respect for oneself.


What’s the difference between the Rules and the Code of Respect?

LBC rules are in place, they refer to things like no running, no pets, no smoking etc. They are black and white and need to be supported by the membership for both safety and a better managed facility. Please review them with your family and guests so all are aware.

The LBC Code of Respect  directs how we treat and cohabitate with one another. Further examples that support the code include:

  • Safety first at all times. Bring any safety concerns to the attention of the manager on duty.
  • Support the guest policy for everything it is meant to allow and respectfully prevent.
  • Welcome new members and guests , share in the best practices on how we utilize the club.
  • Abide by the process and procedures in place, high dive, check out float etc…
  • Leave your space better than when you found it.
  • Pick up after yourself and remind others to do the same, it’s okay to make mention.
  • Recognize adults first for beach/lawn chairs and picnic space.
  • Recognize that the LBC is a privilege and not an entitlement.
  • If something seems obviously wrong or inappropriate report it immediately or try to remedy the situation yourself.
  • Do not tolerate profanity or disrespect to anyone.

If you have a concern or suggestion share it with