Bathroom Remodel Update!

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Bathroom Remodel Update!

Thanks to member support, (years of cleanliness complaints), survey feedback & volunteered time, the LBC bathroom renovation is well under way. You will be able to enjoy these new restrooms this summer. Come on down to the season opening work party and bathroom ribbon cutting at 9am on June 15th 2013.

Some quick Facts and Features:

  • Warning– Men’s & Women’s restrooms have exchanged locations. Signage will make this change very obvious (but be careful).
  • Bright and well ventilated restrooms have been designed for high use and ease of cleaning.
  • Easy to use foot showers are located outside each restroom (3). These exterior foot shower drains are designed to handle excessive amounts of sand. Please help our little members.
  • Additional  “quick rinse” showers are located just inside each restroom.
  • All showers & sinks are being served by an on demand system with a recirculation loop. You will enjoy nearly instant hot water. This will save time & will reduce wasted water.
  • Please do your part to keep the new bathrooms clean by rinsing or wiping feet before you enter the restrooms.
  • Baby changing tables, Purell, hand driers, Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap. NO PAPER TOWELS. There will be a small trash receptacle in each restroom but please be sure to use our recycle stations whenever possible.
  • Each restroom includes an ADA compliant  toilet stall & shower area.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the ADA shower rooms.
  • New floors slope to strip drains. Quick access hose reels will make quick work of cleaning.
  • A new wheelchair, stroller, cooler ramp will be replacing the dirt path between the breezeway and the beach lawn. Please watch your step as slopes and concrete steps have changed. No running please!
  • Bathroom skylights will be open to the sky on opening day (weather permitting). This is not a retractable roof design but a product with a long lead time. These huge skylights will allow natural light to find most of the nooks and crannies within our new bathroom space.
  • Lighting and ventilation have been upgraded quite a bit. New quiet fans will run during open hours. Lights will be motion activated.
  • Hooks, mirrors & benches- Hang your towel or beach bag on one of many new hooks but please remember not to leave items over night.  Bathrooms will be hosed down every evening. Lost and found items will be donated every few weeks.

Thanks again to all who took the time to join a bathroom meeting, answer a survey or send input to


Your LBC Board

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