Archive | June, 2013

Weekly Manager Report – 6/23/13

Thanks to all the families and children who attended the ice cream social last Wednesday.  To those fortunate enough to attend the impromptu ice cream social on Saturday afternoon, congratulations!  This week, I would like to take a minute to talk about two activities that the club offers, one as timeless as the lake itself […]

Weekly Manager Report – 6/16/13

Thanks to all of you who helped at the work party.  It always amazes me how quickly that place gets put in order and how many hands it takes.  Seeing members pull weeds from cracks in concrete, fish rocks from the swimming beach, and fix broken benches really makes me happy to manage a facility […]

Weekly Manager Report – 6/9/13

With summer just around the corner, the Laurelhurst Beach Club is buzzing with excitement.  Many changes are in store for the new season as well as return of annual traditions.  New this year include massive renovations to our bathrooms, a water basketball hoop being installed on the north dock this week, an updated website, and […]