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We are now CLOSED 


Dear Laurelhurst Beach Club Members,

Opening day is just around corner for The Laurelhurst Beach Club’s 92nd season!

We begin on Saturday, June 13 with our annual work party from 9:00 – noon.  This is a great time to reconnect with friends from last summer and get our club ready for a fun season.  Stay and enjoy hot-dogs on the grill and meet our new members at the close of the work party.

Our manager, Jeff Bonar, is returning for a second season.  He and his staff ran a great operation last summer and we look forward to another wonderful season.

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The LBC survey conducted last fall online was a great success!  Based on your survey feedback, we are implementing some exciting new changes to our club.

First off, opening the club @ 6:15 am Monday through Friday for adult swim, stand up paddle board, and kayak use.  This is for our 18+ members only.  A lifeguard will be on duty.  Children are not allowed in the club until standard opening time.

Secondly, we will be implementing consistent water closure times and extending the hours in the evening for lap swim later in the summer.  Details of water closure times are on our website.

Next, a committee has created a “Code of Respect” in request of taming some of our junior members.  The code has 4 basic points:

1.      Respect for the LBC Staff

2.      Respect for your neighbors and guests

3.      Respect for the LBC name and facility

4.      Respect for oneself

We encourage all members to read through this with your family.  This will allow our guards to be more successful in managing the club, our more “spirited” members, and provide a better experience for everyone while at the beach.

Lastly, we are working to streamline our check-in process to consistently track via computer both members and guests that enter LBC.  We are not making any changes to the actual policies.  Rather, we’d like to see how the facility is being used and track the number of members and guests to better plan and meet our members needs.  Please be patient with our front desk employees as they work to make this process as efficient as possible.

We are continuing to improve our website so please remember to visit the site frequently for updates.  This is always the best place to find the most current and up to date information.  The website address is:  www.laurelhurstbc.com.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site and bookmark it on your computer!

Here’s to a great 2015 season!

 Katie Larson, LBC President


Laurelhurst Beach Club
“Manager On Duty” alias


Don’t Miss Out!! Coming to LBC Members this Summer:

Juniors Fleet Program! 

We love our Fatty Fleet!  Well now, we will have a program for our Juniors.  For LBC members, ages 9-17, we will have a swim program we’ll be rolling out this summer.  Yes!  The LBC Board, in collaboration with many parent helpers, will be offering a Fatty Fleet for Juniors.  Watch for an upcoming flyer to sign your kids up and join in on the first year of the Junior Fleet!

Please email lisa.schnitzius@comcast.net if you are interested in helping us coordinate the program this summer!


JUNE 17th

Ice Cream Social


Mark your calendars!


Laurelhurst Beach Club

The Laurelhurst Beach Club was incorporated in 1923 for the purpose of creating a beach club for the residents of Laurelhurst. Application forms may be obtained from the LBC business office, 729-3724, before June 7th or at the Beach Club after opening day.

Laurelhurst Beach Club Office P.O. Box 51107 Seattle, Washington 98115

LBC Business Office: 729-3724

LBC Gatehouse: 524-2010

New to the neighborhood?  Send mail to lbcbusiness@comcast.net to receive application materials.

The Laurelhurst Beach Club is a private membership club open to active members and invited guests.

Communication Resources

Please provide comments to LBC staff and Board members at: