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Shoreline Street End Improvements Coming to 51st Avenue NE


Dear Neighbor,


I am writing with news about a project that the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is planning in your neighborhood as part of theShoreline Street Ends Program. This program aims to enhance public access to shorelines at over 140 locations where Seattle streets end at the water. One of the locations where we are designing public access improvements is at 51st Avenue NE, adjacent to the Laurelhurst Beach Club.
Improvements at this site will increase views of Lake Washington and enhance public access to the water.


The specific work will include:

Creating a level seating area with a bench

Removing overgrown non-native vegetation to increase visibility

Enhancing access to the water with timber steps

Converting two parking spaces next to the street end to accommodate new bicycle racks and pedestrian access


In November, our team sent letters to neighboring property owners and distributed a postcard to surrounding residences to introduce the project. We expect to begin construction at this site in the next few weeks. We encourage you to share this project with your community and forward to any parties you think will be interested.


To view the design for the street end at 51st Avenue NE or learn more about the other eight sites slated for improvements in 2015, visit our project webpage at


If you have any questions on this work, please don’t hesitate to contact me by responding to this email or calling 206-615-0925.

Rachel McCaffrey
Street Ends Outreach Team

Shoreline Street Ends Program

If you need this information translated, please call 206-206-684-7623.
Si usted necesita esta información traducida al español por favor llame al 206-684-7623.

Laurelhurst Beach Club

The Laurelhurst Beach Club was incorporated in 1923 for the purpose of creating a beach club for the residents of Laurelhurst. Application forms may be obtained from the LBC business office, 729-3724, before June 7th or at the Beach Club after opening day.

Laurelhurst Beach Club Office P.O. Box 51107 Seattle, Washington 98115

LBC Business Office: 729-3724

LBC Gatehouse: 524-2010

New to the neighborhood?  Send mail to lbcbusiness@comcast.net to receive application materials.

The Laurelhurst Beach Club is a private membership club open to active members and invited guests.

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