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Laurelhurst Beach Club


 Regular Summer Hours 

9:30 am to 9:30 pm   


Water Closings at Night

In order to make it easier to plan for swimming laps and a general understanding of when kids will wind down in the water, Jeff has put together a schedule based on sunset.  Generally this is +/- hour before sunset. Below are ideas based on Seattle sunset with a little deviation to make it easier to track.  This isn’t “when sun is behind hill” and sun leaves end of dock area and guards ultimately have the authority to shut the water if they think conditions are unsafe.

Here are the posted water closure times for the summer:

August 18th – 31st 7:00 pm

September 7:00 pm



Know The Guest And Gatherings Policy

The primary purpose of the Beach Club is for the enjoyment and relaxation of its members.  Consistent with this mission we ask club members to limit use of the facility for only themselves, family, and accompanied small gatherings of friends. Group activities should be limited so that the enjoyment and safety of our individual members is not jeopardized.  All large gatherings associated with sports teams, church groups, daycare or school classes or events are not allowed unless they conform to guest rules and club purpose. We suggest one of the public beach facilities or Magnuson Park to accommodate these types of events.

Guests must be accompanied by a member and family gatherings of more than 10 must request manager approval at least one week in advance. Such groups must use the southern picnic tables.  Please reserve picnic tables at the gate for groups up to 10 at least one week in advance. If possible, we prefer that large groups be limited to weekdays only, please.  Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a friendly and safe atmosphere for you and your neighbors to enjoy.



Frozen Treats!

2014 punch card front copy

Ice cream cards are for sale for $22


Regular operating hours for the club are from 9:30a.m. until 9:30 p.m. The club officially opens after all opening duties have been completed on June 7th. The water is open until dusk each day with lifeguards on duty. All lifeguards have Red Cross Advance Lifesaving Certificates, First Aid and CPR training and are capable of administering emergency first aid.



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Check out the Sailing Tab for detailed info on the 75th Anniversary of LBC Sailing!

Race Schedule is now posted on the calendar



Laurelhurst Beach Club

The Laurelhurst Beach Club was incorporated in 1923 for the purpose of creating a beach club for the residents of Laurelhurst. Application forms may be obtained from the LBC business office, 729-3724, before June 7th or at the Beach Club after opening day.

Laurelhurst Beach Club Office P.O. Box 51107 Seattle, Washington 98115 LBC Business Office: 729-3724 LBC Gatehouse: 524-2010

New to the neighborhood?  Send mail to lbcbusiness@comcast.net to receive application materials.

The Laurelhurst Beach Club is a private membership club open to active members and invited guests.

Communication Resources

Please provide comments to LBC staff and Board members at: